Untitled 1 B Grade Freshpark 4ft Safety Rail Kit for Quarterpipe

The Freshpark 4ft safety railing kit, is designed to fit the platform of the Freshpark Quaterpipe ramp to help improve safety and folds up inside the quarterpipe for easy storage when not in use. The sturdy steel frame is powder coated and is suited to both indoor and outdoor use.

Stunts and tricks are potentially dangerous activities. There is a risk of serious injury while using these products. While this risk cannot be completely eliminated, the use of proper safety equipment and caution can help to minimise these risks. If you do not understand or accept these risks, you should not participate in these activities as Parkers of Bolton claims no responsibility for any injuries sustained from the use of this equipment.

Quarterpipe and Funbox sold separately.

Conditon: B Grade. The rail kit is new, but has been returned to us therefore the cardboard packaging contains damage. Railing may contain slight scratches/chips whilst in transit.