Axion Ventus 2CXT RTF RC Electric Powered Glider 2.4GHz

Similar the the Micro Series gliders this Ventus 2CXT has 2 additional features. Using the Axion AX-4 SR FHSS transmitter you can be assured of a perfect link between you and the model. For ease of use the canopy flips up and you can replace the battery so you don't have to wait between charges (using its dedicated charger). As with the other Micro series gliders the Ventus 2cxt is moulded from tough/lightweight Styrotech material and powered by a tiny pusher motor and come completely ready to fly. Due to its tiny size, the included radio features nice and simple, non proportional rudder and throttle control.

  • Suitable for beginners and experts.
  • Full rudder and motor control.
  • Scale painted colour scheme.
  • Scale tail, wing and winglets.
  • Coreless Motor.
  • Carbon fibre re-enforced wing.
  • 2 Channel Radio with 2.4GHz FHSS technology.
  • Made in lightweight Styrotech material.
  • USB 1 cell Li-Po charger included.
  • Completely assembled and flight ready.


  • Wingspan: 640mm.
  • Length: 250mm.
  • Weight: 25g.
  • Radio System: 2 Channel. 2.4GHz (Inc.).
  • Electric Motor: Coreless Neodym (Inc.).
  • LiPo: 3.7V 1S 145mAh (Inc.).
  • Material: Styrotech.

Requires 6 AA batteries. (Not included.)

Please Note: If you have not flown an RC model before you will need to learn. Flying any model aircraft requires some degree of care and skill, even the simplest 2 or 3 channel. We recommend you read the manufacturers instructions and prepare for your first flight. There are many useful guides to learning to fly RC aircraft and if you are still unsure help will be readily available at your local club. We recommend a range test before you fly. Your model will have a warranty but this will not cover damage to propellers, wings, fuselage, tail or any other part sustained due to pilot error or loss of transmitter signal. In simple terms, if you crash it, you will be responsible for the repair!!