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Adie Stabiliser Derailleur Kit

This enables a bike with derailleur gears to be fitted with stabilisers. Often the moment a child learns to ride a bike they want one with derailleur gears. This will give your child major confidence whilst learning to ride.


  • Saves a parent buying two bikes.
  • Includes A.long support stay (205mm) x 1, B.hole clip (140mm)x 1, C.Universal extension bolt x 1, D.M6 bolt x 2, E.M6 nut x 2, F.m6 split washer x 2, G.reduced washer x 1.
  • Holds the stabilisers clear of the rear derailleur.
  • Easy attachment process.
  • Colour: Silver.
  • Fitting instructions: Bend the hole clip (B) around the chain stay and loosely bolt (D) on to the long stay (A). Adjust the long stay (A) and loosely bolt (D) it to the stabiliser bracket (H), with the reducer washer (G) fitted on the inside of the stabiliser bracket (H. Ensure that the stabiliser bracket is vertical, adjust if necessary and tighten all bolts (D) to make secure.