ABUS Bike Locks

Since 1924 ABUS provides the good feeling of security worldwide. As a German quality manufacturer they ensure that their products are highly reliable and offer a long service life while being easy to operate. In order to meet the growing requirements of private and commercial users, ABUS  provides a large product range of innovative security solutions in the areas of security at home, mobile security and commercial security.

Every year millions of bikes are stolen. Police statistics show that only about ten percent of these cases are solved. It doesn't have to be like that, as ABUS covers the whole range of bike security devices with high-quality U-shackle locks, lock-chain-combinations, steel-o-flex, cable, and frame locks. ABUS offers the right bike lock for every situation.

ABUS Web Keyed 1500 Lock Chain Combination Red (60cm).

The Lock-chain combination is an excellent choice when it comes to securing your bike. Its flexibility means the lock-chain combination is very convenient and offer many ways of locking bikes to fixed objects. A bike that is secured in this way cannot simply be picked up and carried away – which is a real security advantage.

The ABUS 1500 Keyed Web Chain Lock provides basic protection at low theft risk, using a strong 4mm square chain made of special steel to stay protected. The chain is covered in a new highly fabric sleeve which helps prevent the chain from damaging the frame as well as an automatic locking system which allows the bike to be locked with one click.


  • 4 mm chain with fabric sleeve to prevent damage to the bicycle's paintwork.
  • Security Level 3 (of 15).
  • The chain, the case as well as supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made of special hardened steel.
  • Convenient transport around the seat post frame.
  • ABUS quality automatic cylinder with user-friendly reversible key.
  • Very handy use because the chain can be locked with only one click without using the key.
  • Two keys are supplied with the lock.
  • Total Length: 60cm.
  • Weight: 160g.
  • Made in Germany.