ABUS Bike Locks

Since 1924 ABUS provides the good feeling of security worldwide. As a German quality manufacturer they ensure that their products are highly reliable and offer a long service life while being easy to operate. In order to meet the growing requirements of private and commercial users, ABUS  provides a large product range of innovative security solutions in the areas of security at home, mobile security and commercial security.

Every year millions of bikes are stolen. Police statistics show that only about ten percent of these cases are solved. It doesn't have to be like that, as ABUS covers the whole range of bike security devices with high-quality U-shackle locks, lock-chain-combinations, steel-o-flex, cable, and frame locks. ABUS offers the right bike lock for every situation.

ABUS 5412K Primo Cable Lock (85cm).

The Cable lock has certain advantages when convenience and practicality are priorities. Light weight and surprising flexibility makes the cable lock a popular and simple security solution with an automatic locking function, which is ideal in circumstances where basic protection is all that's required. Quality cables from ABUS are designed in such a way that they are very difficult to hold with certain tools used for breaking locks. The snap cage bracket can be mounted on to any diameter from 15 to 55mm whilst needing no tools in the process. In addition, the thick 12mm cables have a deterrent effect on many petty thieves. Rigorous testing ensures it will withstand the most extreme weather and riding conditions.


  • 12 mm strong, high quality and very flexible coil cable.
  • Security level 3 (out of 15).
  • Synthetic coating to prevent damage to the bicycle's paintwork.
  • ABUS automatic cylinder with user-friendly reversible key.
  • Two keys are supplied with the lock.
  • Snap Cage bracket (SCMU) for universal mounting.
  • Weight: 460g.
  • Length: 85cm.