2016 Uvex Sportstyle 107 3-Lens Interchangeable Glasses

Scratchproof lens & fog-free lens - That is supravision by uvex. It even gets better: With its flexible soft earpiece ends and nose pads, uvex sportsstyle 107 offers a non-slip fit, pressure-free hold and, most importantly, perfect fit. To guarantee a fog-free vision, it comes along with draft-free lens ventilation. 100% UV-protection guaranteed.


  • 100% UV-A-B-C protection.
  • Interchangeable lens construction.
  • Flexible, easily adaptable nose pads. Very smooth and dimensionally stable for pressure-free hold and non-slip fit.
  • Unique uvex Supravision nano technology enables an extremely scratchproof lens from the outside and constantly fog-free lens from the inside. It also guarantees 100% UV protection.
  • Super flexible temples for excellent retention and comfort.
  • Easy to clean. Supplied with Microfibre cleaning cloth.
  • Lightweight construction only 33g.
  • Direct lens ventilation.
  • Zipped hard case for storage with Microfibre lining which cleans and protects.