Minoura's entry level magnetic trainer comes with all the features you need to improve your fitness or warm up at events. With a wide range of resistance, the MagRide B60D generates a substantial 425 watts of power at 25mph, replicating realistic cycling conditions. The wide stable footprint as well as smooth and quiet roller action makes for an enjoyable indoor training experience. The Mag Ride fits a wide range of bikes, from 24in to 700 x 45x tyres.

The compact Mag Ride is constructed with a lightweight steel frame, making it ideal for transport and storage for cycling events. With 3 resistance levels, you are able to experience different riding conditions depending on your personal preference. Increasing the resistance will result in a tougher ride.


  • Fits a wide range of bikes from 24in to 700 x 45x tyres.
  • 3 resistance levels.
  • 6kg dual steel disc flywheel.
  • Wide stable foot print.
  • Smooth and quiet ride.
  • Generates 425 Watts of power(at 25mph)
  • Standard ferrite magnet.
  • Lightweight and adjustable power.
  • Perfect for warming up of general fitness.
  • Lightweight steel frame for easy transport and storage.
  • Trainer skewer included.
  • Simple to use pressure knob.
  • Made in Japan.