The new LR541 adopts Minoura's newest frame design which allows the rider to easily switch between a self-weighted mode to a fixed pressure mode. The Live Ride's uncomplicated set up and 7 levels of resistance makes it the perfect trainer for those looking for a wide range of training methods. The 7 resistance levels can be controlled via a remote control shifter, alloying you to experience various riding conditions from the comfort of your home.

The compact steel frame folds away which provides easy storage and transportation which is perfect for cycling events. Stability is improved with a heavy frame design which includes a wide footprint, to cater for tire sizes up to 710mm.

Being Live Training compatible, just download the app onto your IOS device and turn it into a training computer, which allows you to check your cycling data.


  • World's strongest neodymium (Nd) magnet adoption, single magnet type.
  • Quiet and ultra smooth.
  • New combination frame which manipulates self-weight and fixed mode freely.
  • 7 step load adjustment & remote control shifter included.
  • Combination frame which can selectively use two functions of self-weight mode and fixed mode with one simple adjustment.
  • Compatible with Minoura LiveTraining , Zwift, Sufferfest & KinoMap (When using compatible Speed & cadence sensors).
  • 1.1 kgs virtual fly wheel weight.
  • 7 resistance levels.
  • Quick release remote shifter.
  • Lightweight steel frame for easy transport and storage.
  • Improved stability with heavy frame design with wide footprint.
  • Allows high-speed/low-resistance training.
  • Made in Japan.