Silva X-Trail 2 Headlamp/torch

Silva Cross Trail II is the new upgraded hi-spec successor to the popular X-Trail technical sports headlamp.

Developed for sports like running, MTB, XC-skiing and adventure racing with high demands on light distribution, comfort and flexibility. Like its predecessor, Cross Trail II is modular and can easily be switched between the headband, helmet or the bike handlebar by using the brackets supplied.

Cross Trail II is now even brighter than its predecessor projecting 250 Lumens of light with the same long discharge time. Of course, Cross Trail II utilises the Silva Intelligent Light technology with a combination of a focused long distance light and a wide angle flood light - a perfect light image for all high speed activities.

The external battery pack has been redesigned to be robust and fully waterproof and can easily be mounted on the bike frame or carried around your waist or in a pocket, to minimize the weight on your head.


  • Burn time (Max/Med/Min/Blink) 5h30m / 15h / 30h / 50h
  • Light output: 250 Lumen
  • Light distance: 85m
  • Weight: headlamp 80g, battery 130g
  • Water resistance: IPX6
  • Beam pattern: Intelligent Light
  • Battery Indication Red, Orange, Green LED
  • Material PC/ABS, aluminium
  • Dimensions 75x52x45mm
  • Feature External battery pack
  • Attachments Helmet attachment and bike attachment included
  • Headband Extra wide headband
  • Light modes Max, Mid, Min, Blink