Blackburn Co2Fer Bicycle Mini Pump

Why carry around more bulk than you have to? This product is designed for the minimalist in you. Even the best pump won't do you much good if you've left it in your sock drawer at home. This pump comes with a discreet frame mount that attaches under your water bottle cage! Don't be a slave to the valve. The flexible hose lets you work on the bike whether upright or dead on the trail while the secure cam-lock head ensures no nasty blowing off when you least expect it. Get loose on the trail. You can if you want, but your valves shouldn't. There's a handy, machined valve core tool to keep everything snug. Hold on tight. The thread-on Presta/Schrader valve at the end of the extruding flexible hose ensures that even the fiddliest of valves is held securely for inflation. This pump allows you the option to quick-inflate your tube with a CO2 cartridge or use the standard hand pump to top off your pressure. The mid-size barrel diameter allows for quicker inflation on MTB, CX, gravel bikes.


  • Includes frame mount and rubber strap to secure CO2 to pump.
  • Includes 16g CO2 cartridge.
  • Compatible with most threaded cartridges.
  • 120 PSI, 8.3 Bar maximum.
  • Weight: 183 grams with mount.