3 Pack Interchange Wall docks

You can get the quality and convenience of Racor products with the additional feature of being able to change rack locations according to the season or your activities. It's made possible with the innovative InterChange™ Modular Wall Storage System. Each Wall Dock is simple to install, and any InterChange rack just snaps on to any wall dock.

It's such a unique system, InterChange has a utility patent.

InterChange can help you turn any wall into a flexible storage area on which you can change the position of any rack whenever you like. Just mount Wall Docks in strategic places – any rack can quickly and easily mount onto any Wall Dock, and it's locked into place until you're ready to move it.

An indestructible Wall Dock is included with each rack you buy, or you can purchase them separately to set up your flexible storage area. With 11 different racks available, you can store almost anything with InterChange!


  • Comes in a 3 Pack.
  • No assembly required.
  • Supplied with all necessary hardware.